#396 Cartographie de la zone de Pire Goureye

L'objectif de cette tache est d'enrichir la base de donnée de la zone de Pire Goureye, en cartographiant notamment l'ensemble du bâti.

Created by dialloalpha - Updated - Priority: medium

#395 Mapping Gezira State, Sudan

Gezira state has large farming and agricultural spaces which contribute big chunk of economic development of the country. the fall season rain affects the rural roads which worsen accessibility in and out.

Created by omer_fathi - Updated - Priority: medium

#394 Toumodi Carto_Santé

Ce projet a pour but de Produire la donnée OSM sur l'agglomération de Toumodi en Côte d'Ivoire, en utilisant l'imagerie Maxar et Bing

Created by racky - Updated - Priority: medium

#393 Mapping of Blitta-Gare

Mapping of Blitta-Gare

Created by AKE Amazan - Updated - Priority: low

#392 Ballina, Ireland - US President Biden's roots

Mapping of buildings with basic tagging building=yes.

Make certain that you get every building, even small ones that could be sheds may be out-buildings or "granny flats". Also map building=ruins for anything obviously derelict or dilapidated.

Created by derFred - Updated - Priority: medium

#387 Opération Farako

Created by Allaye Guindo - Updated - Priority: high

#386 Projet de Cartographie d'aide a la prise de decision

Created by Mathias Dolo - Updated - Priority: medium

#385 Cartography of the city of ZEGOUA(MALI)

This task is part of the capacity building activities for cartographers starting at the University of Social Sciences and Management of Bamako, Faculty of History and Geography.

Created by Allaye Guindo - Updated - Priority: high

#384 Mapping of the Infrastructures in the Tominian City in Mali

Mapping of infrastructure (roads, buildings and watercourses in the city of Tominian in Mali)

Created by Lassine77 - Updated - Priority: medium

#383 Cartographie des quartiers SENO, KIRKISSOY et SAGUIA Niamey Niger

Ce projet vise à cartographier les bâtiments et routes des quartiers SENO, KIRKISSOY, SAGUIA situés à la commune 5 de Niamey au Niger dans le cadre de création d'une importante donnée de vulnérabilité suite aux inondations enregistrées dans le mois d'août 2020

Ce projet vise à cartographier le qaurtier Bobiel, situé dans la ville de Niamey au Niger, touchée par les innondations de 2017, dans le but d'obtenir la donnée des vulnérabilités dans le cadre d'un scénario d'aléa naturel (inondations).

Created by moustaphamoutari - Updated - Priority: medium
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This approach facilitates the distribution of tasks to the various mappers in a context of emergency. It also permits to control the progress and the homogeneity of the work done (ie. Elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.).

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