#190 - Mali Road Network

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Author: OSM Mali  Map Feature: Roads Only

Imagery: Bing and GPS Traces. Use Digital Globe Premium & Standard for checks.

This task is better for advanced mappers.

The aim of this project is to improve the major road network in Mali by filling in gaps and adding missing roads and missing connections, connecting or fixing roads that are not connected to anything else, moving roads that may be misaligned from GPS traces, and fixing incorrect road classifications.

The focus is on the major roads: secondary, primary and trunk. Please do not delete smaller roads, they serve an important local connecting function.

Baseline road data is useful for humanitarian support, health programs, travel, local business and more.

Everyone is welcome to participate, but in order to keep the maximum quality and consistency across users, please read and understand the instructions of this task and road network mapping in general.

Created by Nathalie SIDIBE - Updated - Priority: medium


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Mali Road Network #llgtm-tache-190 #Map4Mali
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

This task will cover the entire country, but please only focus on highways that should be secondary, primary and trunk roads JOSM is better for this project than iD. JOSM has built-in validation tools that can identify issues in each square. Use Bing primary imagery and also the new Digital Globe imagery where available, and the Telenav ImproveOSM plugin from JOSM, as well as the GPS traces available in the imagery menu to make sure the road is aligned properly. Imagery such as Mapillary and OpenStreetCam may also be helpful.

Main goals:

add missing major roads;
connect roads that should be connected;
improve alignment of roads;
change classification where needed. If you are unclear about classification, consult


Also make sure to check other squares around your own to make sure the road classification is consistent between them.

Split and connect the roads with JOSM according your needs:

To cut a road into pieces: select the point where you want to split the road and type p
To connect two pieces of the road: select both parts of the road with help of Ctrl and type c However, before splitting/editing a way, take into account if a relation exists, such as a highway route reference.

General Mapping Notes:

Be as precise as possible - This takes a little bit of practice, but following a road closely really makes a difference in the quality of map data produced. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to mapping. Zooming in close helps.

Run the JOSM validation warnings regularly, through the validation panel. This will identify issues you may not be able to see.

Personal knowledge - If you have local knowledge, that is incredibly valuable and any information you are 100% sure of you can add to the object you are mapping. Names of roads are very valuable and the name=* tag and ref=* can be used to supply that information.

Please do not delete smaller roads, they serve an important local connecting function.

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